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BSc in IT Security

Accelerated online program, which develops a thorough understanding of IT and Cyber Security in its manifold aspects.

min. 15 months

Learning Mode

Online Learning



Available Languages of Instruction

English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian

Admission Requirements

Highschool Diploma


€ 99 per month

Why should I take the BSc in IT Security program?

Accelerated online program, which develops a thorough understanding of IT Security in its manifold aspects.
The Accelerated Online Bachelor in IT-Security (Bachelor of Science in IT-Security) is a focused distance learning degree program that develops a thorough understanding of IT-Security in its manifold aspects. Delivered via eLearning it is ideal for candidates with practical experience who do not possess the appropriate academic qualifications, aiming to obtain them by expanding and formalizing knowledge in the various fields of IT-Security. The program is strongly oriented towards practical application, rather than theory. It is a combination of academic content adapted for the experienced working professional, coupled with extensive academic and industry related exposure.

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