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Swiss Management Center

About SMC

Swiss Management Center is a truly global institution with learners from more than 130 different countries. We educate high achievers with a sense of individualism, standing out from the crowds. You receive an unsurpassed service, strong professional networks, true career opportunities and remain flexible in place & time.

The core of our student body, which consists of high achievers from currently more than 130 different countries worldwide, has an advanced professional standing and typically resides at the very top of internationally renowned organizations and businesses. This circumstance creates an unsurpassed added value to SMC’s students insofar, as they benefit from sharing extensive experience, knowledge, and best practices – a true competitive advantage.

Our flexible online Bachelor and Master programs can be followed part-time from any place in alignment with the students’ personal and professional commitments.

We recognize the need of working professionals and individuals in demand of highest flexibility. Our distance learning system allows students to create personal calendars in alignment with professional and personal commitments.

Enrollment is ongoing; the programs can be followed from any place, at any time, and any pace.


If you wish to enroll, please review the Admission Requirements in the respective program page. If you feel ready to apply, please click on the Enroll button below. We look forward to receiving your application and to welcome you in our student body soon!

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